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The Nginx and how to configure it

2021-02-24 3 min read 3sky
Welcome That will be a short post. I need it, for my usage. All about Nginx and some application architecture. Why? During my 6 years of professional life, I haven’t met any Nginxa’s master. All my tech friends know some basics(as me) or have one best config which always works. Unfortunately, Nginx is hard. It’s just a tool, just a web server, but it’s complex, useful, and powerful. Let’s start. Continue reading

Build static blog on GitHub Pages #1

2020-02-24 7 min read 3sky
Welcome Everyone sometimes thinks about personal website. Nothing fancy, just static content with clever topics… sounds easy, isn’t it? The only problem is how to host this page and how to do it fast (and as cheap as is possible). So where comes GitHub Page. The main reason why I choose this solution is the price and domain. 3sky.github.io will look cool, almost professional. The question is why I will do it harder than it’s recommended? Continue reading