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Continuous delivery for static blog

2020-03-01 7 min read 3sky
Welcome I’m still writing about my blog, just ordinary auto-promotion. However, I’ll try to make this particular article useful even in a different context than blogs. The next few lines will be dedicated to continuous delivery (without continuous integration/testing). As I showed in previous issues manual work is easy and in some case fast. Unfortunately, it’s also boring, prone to errors and time-consuming. How to achieve good results without self-hosted CI servers, expensive solution or custom scripts on VPS? Continue reading

Build static blog on GitHub Pages #2

2020-02-26 3 min read 3sky
Welcome In the previous episode, I have created a short blog post about short blog post. That was quite interesting for me, in meantime, I configure my VSC for English support, add some small fixes in the Markdown file then I realized that the manual reload of configuration is a huge mistake in the context of productive. What is the first tool when we start thinking about automation? In Linux environment of course. Continue reading

Build static blog on GitHub Pages #1

2020-02-24 7 min read 3sky
Welcome Everyone sometimes thinks about personal website. Nothing fancy, just static content with clever topics… sounds easy, isn’t it? The only problem is how to host this page and how to do it fast (and as cheap as is possible). So where comes GitHub Page. The main reason why I choose this solution is the price and domain. 3sky.github.io will look cool, almost professional. The question is why I will do it harder than it’s recommended? Continue reading
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