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Install Keycloak on ECS

2024-06-20 10 min read Kuba Wołynko
Welcome If you have read my latest post about accessing RHEL in the cloud, you may notice that we’re accessing the cockpit console, via SSM Session manager port forwarding. That’s not an ideal solution. I’m not talking in bed, it’s just not ideal(but cheap). Today I realised that using Amazon WorkSpaces Secure Browser could be interesting, and fun as well. Unfortunately, this solution required an Identity Provider, which can serve us with SAML 2. Continue reading

Manage my cheap TLD with Route53

2024-06-16 5 min read Kuba Wołynko
Welcome While writing a post about setting up Keycloak, which should be live this month(it’s a bit harder, than I thought), I decided that it would be great to use my custom domain and play with it as well. As having sso.3sky.in looks cool, also unexpectedly it’s quite cheap. But why do I need it? It’s like 10$ per domain. Yes and no. One of the Community Builder program benefits is a voucher for 500$ which can be used within a year, on AWS services. Continue reading