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Install Keycloak on ECS

2024-06-20 10 min read Kuba Wołynko
Welcome If you have read my latest post about accessing RHEL in the cloud, you may notice that we’re accessing the cockpit console, via SSM Session manager port forwarding. That’s not an ideal solution. I’m not talking in bed, it’s just not ideal(but cheap). Today I realised that using Amazon WorkSpaces Secure Browser could be interesting, and fun as well. Unfortunately, this solution required an Identity Provider, which can serve us with SAML 2. Continue reading

Can you use ECS without DevOps

2023-03-16 9 min read 3sky
Welcome Use your imagination and assume that some team was encouraged to migrate from Azure AppService. It was a decision at a high level, so the small dev team needs to migrate into AWS. What’s the issue you can ask? They have no experience with Amazon Web Services, also they don’t have a “DevOps” person. The app is a JAR file. AppService allowed them to put a file into the service and run it on production, without any issues. Continue reading