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EDA for AWS operations

2024-03-19 8 min read Kuba Wolynko
Welcome Great that you’re here. Today, I will write a bit about Event-Driven Ansible and its possibilities for improving the operational efficiency of our AWS environment. But wait, what does it mean by Event-Driven Ansible? My favorite sentence from the documentation is “EDA provides a way of codifying operational logic,” so in short words, we can code logic for responding to different events. For example, we can trigger playbook execution with Lambdas make our self-service process a bit more ops-oriented, or introduce ChatOps. Continue reading

Ansible with jump host

2021-03-23 4 min read 3sky
Welcome Long time no sea. It’s not a typo last time when I saw the see was in September in Greece. Almost the same thing I can say about Ansible. The last time when I used this tool for resolving real problems was more-less 2years ago. To be honest, during this period Ansible becomes (in my mind at least) just another boring and old-fashioned tool. Who is using Ansible if we have containers, Kubernetes Engines and Serverless? Continue reading

edb-deployer for normal people

2021-02-15 6 min read 3sky
Welcome Some time ago I saw an interesting tool called edb-deployer. If You have no idea what EDB stands for it’s Enterprise version of Postgresql. I’m not a sell person, so for me, it’s just another company which making money around OSS - and that is good. However, I would like to tal… write about this small CLI tool. It could be very helpful for the migration to cloud PoC toolbox. Continue reading