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Build your onw GitHub Action

2020-03-26 9 min read 3sky
Welcome Sometimes age I started using GitHub Actions. It’s fast, simple, easy to configure. There isn’t a lot of fancy configuration options like for example in Jenkins, but if someone has neat, container-based pipelines, Actions are worth considering CI/CD system. But what this Actions really mean? Actions are mostly community written code that is responsible for activities like, pushing image, sending the notification, checking source code. There are two options for developers: Bash and JavaScript. Continue reading

Clojure app on Google Cloud Run

2020-03-18 11 min read 3sky
Welcome I want to create a small pipeline based on GCP Run and GitHub Action. Also increasing skills while #statathome is the best possible solution for spending time. Let’s make some real stuff. Tools used in this episode Google Cloud Platform Terraform Docker Clojure Github Action Google Cloud Platform Why Google Cloud Platform I like Web GUI, command-line tools, GKE. I also have some credits to use. Cloud Run is very nice and cheap for a one-docker small app. Continue reading

Build grammarbot client in Go

2020-03-10 9 min read 3sky
Welcome While working with grammarbot, I decided to create my own command-line tool/client for working with API. As a language, I have chosen Golang. After that, I have added GitHub Action and gsutil. Also, I have configured Telegrams bot for notification purpose. Sounds like fun? For me definitely. So stop writing, and show me your code. Tools used in this episode Go grammarbot.io API GitHub Action GCP Telegram Go Go is an open-source programming language that makes it easy to build simple, reliable, and efficient software. Continue reading

Continuous integration/testing for static blog

2020-03-10 5 min read 3sky
Welcome In a previous post, I created a static blog with a basic CD. Now I need to add some CI. Continuous Integration (CI) is a development practice that requires developers to integrate code into a shared repository several times a day. Each check-in is then verified by an automated build, allowing teams to detect problems early. Why it’s mandatory? Because of my grammar errors, formatting errors, and general errors. Nobody wants to have typos, broken markdown content on the official blog page. Continue reading

Continuous delivery for static blog

2020-03-01 8 min read 3sky
Welcome I’m still writing about my blog, just ordinary auto-promotion. However, I’ll try to make this particular article useful even in a different context than blogs. The next few lines will be dedicated to continuous delivery (without continuous integration/testing). As I showed in previous issues manual work is easy and in some case fast. Unfortunately, it’s also boring, prone to errors and time-consuming. How to achieve good results without self-hosted CI servers, expensive solution or custom scripts on VPS? Continue reading

Build static blog on GitHub Pages #2

2020-02-26 4 min read 3sky
Welcome In the previous episode, I have created a short blog post about short blog post. That was quite interesting for me, in meantime, I configure my VSC for English support, add some small fixes in the Markdown file then I realized that the manual reload of configuration is a huge mistake in the context of productive. What is the first tool when we start thinking about automation? In Linux environment of course. Continue reading

Build static blog on GitHub Pages #1

2020-02-24 7 min read 3sky
Welcome Everyone sometimes thinks about personal website. Nothing fancy, just static content with clever topics… sounds easy, isn’t it? The only problem is how to host this page and how to do it fast (and as cheap as is possible). So where comes GitHub Page. The main reason why I choose this solution is the price and domain. 3sky.github.io will look cool, almost professional. The question is why I will do it harder than it’s recommended? Continue reading
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