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The Nginx and how to configure it

2021-02-24 3 min read 3sky
Welcome That will be a short post. I need it, for my usage. All about Nginx and some application architecture. Why? During my 6 years of professional life, I haven’t met any Nginxa’s master. All my tech friends know some basics(as me) or have one best config which always works. Unfortunately, Nginx is hard. It’s just a tool, just a web server, but it’s complex, useful, and powerful. Let’s start. Continue reading

edb-deployer for normal people

2021-02-15 6 min read 3sky
Welcome Some time ago I saw an interesting tool called edb-deployer. If You have no idea what EDB stands for it’s Enterprise version of Postgresql. I’m not a sell person, so for me, it’s just another company which making money around OSS - and that is good. However, I would like to tal… write about this small CLI tool. It could be very helpful for the migration to cloud PoC toolbox. Continue reading

2021's Plans, Jenkins plugin and Emacs

2021-01-09 5 min read 3sky
Welcome How are you? I hope 2021 starts at least such good as for me. Even without the New Year Party. Maybe you noticed that I deleted the cookbook section, and it’s all about splitting topics. It’s a tech blog, the rest of my hobbies need separated space. I hope you like this idea. After a few words let’s begin. 2021 Plans 10 months of writing, 12 posts I can say that I really like this. Continue reading

NodeJS app on LKE with Pulumi

2020-12-06 12 min read 3sky
Welcome I had an interesting idea, write a small app with something. Deploy this app on K8S on Linode (LKE), with the usage of Pulumi. I started with the Golang app as well as with pulumi-go, but I realized that I can turn it into a bit more fresh experience. I’ve never before use Node and TypeScript. Also building images for another toolset is always a challenge, especially if you in normal life use npm build, and push all artifacts on Nginx. Continue reading

Should I use Quarkus

2020-11-23 8 min read 3sky
Welcome As mentioned in a previous post, I’m working more with the RedHat stack. Most of these tools are very interesting. Like Quarkus - another Java framework. Not boring Java framework, Quarkus is fast, working on GralVM instead of regular JVM. But the biggest advantage is native builds. We can create an app, pack it into binary, and run it inside a container. That container could be used with serverless without cold-start issues. Continue reading

Move to my own domain with OVH and Netlify

2020-11-15 5 min read 3sky
Welcome Long time no see. Due to the last 2 months, I had some changes in my personal life. I’ve become a Solution Architect in a nice polish company. If you or your friends need some RedHat implementation here is the link. What will change here? I hope nothing. Still a lot of CI/CD topics, more Kubernetes(with OpenShift), maybe some serverless with Knative and quarkus. Ahh and some new tools. Linode as a cloud service and Pulumi as Terafrom’s replacement. Continue reading

Go app on Kubernetes from scrach

2020-08-20 6 min read 3sky
Welcome I like GitHub Actions, I like Kubernetes and I want to learn more about Helm. So maybe I should join these tools and make a smooth pipeline? Why not? Also, I switched to Fedora, and that’s a great moment to checkout Podman in action. No time to wait, let’s go. Tools used in this episode GitHub Action Podman Kubernetes Terraform Helm GCP A bit of Golang :) Build the app The first step is building a small app. Continue reading
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