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Top 5 ChatGPT use cases in AWS Solution Architecture role

2023-06-28 9 min read 3sky
Welcome Hey there, my friends! Today, I want to share with you the top 5 use cases of ChatGPT in my daily job. But before we dive in, let me tell you a little story. Recently, I made the switch from Obsidian to Logseq, for note-taking, and it got me into the habit of preferring shorter form in general. So, let’s get straight to the point and explore how ChatGPT can help us save time and make our lives easier! Continue reading

Optimizing Video Localization with ML and AWS Batch

2023-06-01 6 min read 3sky
Welcome As you may know, I had the opportunity to speak publicly during AWS Community Day Warsaw. The talk was about a non-trivial challenge related to AWS services. Since there was no recording available and the slides alone are not sufficient, I decided to write a blog post to document this homegrown project. During the showcase, you will see various services and encounter different issues. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn or via email. Continue reading

Simplify the networking with VPC Lattice

2023-04-08 8 min read 3sky
Welcome I started writing this on April 7th, 2023, a few weeks after the release of VPC Lattice (although it’s not yet available everywhere). I was curious about what it is and what it’s supposed to do, so I asked ChatGPT. For now we need to rely on documentation As there isn’t much information available yet, I’ll rely on the official documentation for now. According to the documentation, “Amazon VPC Lattice is a fully managed application networking service that you use to connect, secure, and monitor all of your services across multiple accounts and virtual private clouds (VPCs). Continue reading

Can you use ECS without DevOps

2023-03-16 9 min read 3sky
Welcome Use your imagination and assume that some team was encouraged to migrate from Azure AppService. It was a decision at a high level, so the small dev team needs to migrate into AWS. What’s the issue you can ask? They have no experience with Amazon Web Services, also they don’t have a “DevOps” person. The app is a JAR file. AppService allowed them to put a file into the service and run it on production, without any issues. Continue reading

How to use Lambda as a glue?

2023-02-09 7 min read 3sky
Welcome Let’s keep this article short. The topic is rather popular, but not very well documented. It’s based on quite a popular issue, which is about untagged EC2. Sometimes developers launch virtual machines, without tags. Why it’s so important? Because without tags, you have no idea about the machine’s purpose. You have no owner, now, project, no cost center, etc. I know that some of these things can be checked with CloudTrail, however, it’s still about keeping the environment clean. Continue reading

Salt on Graviton

2023-01-27 6 min read 3sky
Welcome It will be nice to solve another real-world problem, isn’t it? For example machines in private subnets, behind the NAT, or on rack shelves in an office. All of them need to be managed - at least from time to time. Ansible is great, I appreciated the creators of this tool. It helps me a lot! In different cases, environment. I remember when I was a bit younger, a very popular interview question was - what is the difference between Ansible and Chef/Puppet ? Continue reading

Sailing with AWS Lightsail

2022-12-28 6 min read 3sky
Welcome I have a daughter! What a piece of news, isn’t it? I can also add again the same line: Newsletter is very time-consuming, and being a consultant is time-consuming. Everything is time-consuming. However, I had some spare time to play a bit with a small client’s project. For example, not everyone needs cutting-edge technology, Kubernetes, and functional programming. Sometimes we just need a small VM with IPv4, for PoC, or small old-style application, or even workshops about Linux administration. Continue reading
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